Sunday 24th July – Tyneham and Flowers Barrow   1 comment


Really jet lagged after the flight home, I didn’t sleep well so a morning outing followed by an afternoon kip was in order.

We took the grandchildren to Tyneham so they could see the 1940s classroom and the old cottages, unoccupied since the inhabitants were evicted in 1943.

As Amber is keen on archeology we hiked up the 170m high Flowers Barrow, to see the Iron Age hill fort. I must be fitter after the New Guinea trip as I made it up from sea level without stopping.

The girls had a ‘who could roll down the hill fastest’ competion which resulted in the sole falling off Kara’s boots and her having to walk barefoot to the car.

Tyneham School


Tyneham Church


View from Flowers Barrow looking east.

The rolling competition


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  1. Lovely photographs!

    I thought I would let you know that I’ve written a short ‘ghost story’ based on the evacuation of
    the village of Tyneham in 1943.

    It’s published here:

    Kind regards,

    Paul Hodge (Freaky Folk Tales)

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