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I have been ringing at Durlston CP both mornings. On Sunday a group of us caught 57 new birds in the ‘garden’, today I was alone for much of the morning and trapped 35 new birds.

On Sunday we had 9 species of warbler, Grasshopper (2), Willow, Sedge, Reed, Garden (6) plus Common and Lesser Whitethroat, Blackcap and Chiffchaff.

Today the best birds were a Reed and a Grasshopper Warbler.

Most first year Grasshopper Warblers are brown but a few have this lovely yellow tinge.


Not all birds can be ringed, this male Bullfinch is suffering from a mite infestation. This is quite common in some species of finch.


This Lesser Whitethroat had hardly started its post juvenile moult and had presumably hatched nearby.


Many Sylvia warblers such as this Garden Warbler feed on blackberries in the autumn, hence the red staining around the gape.

Later there was a public demonstation of mothing at the Wildlife Centre. The big news was a Small Marbled, a rather unremarkable little moth, but the first record for Durlston CP

Small Marbled one of the smallest 'macro' moths. Before 2011, an extreme rarity in Dorset.


The Drinker, apparently only the caterpillar 'drinks' the adults have no proboscis.


The Magpie Moth


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