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regrettably my 90 year old mother, who is also named Margaret, suffers from Alzheimer’s and is now in a nursing home. We took this opportunity this weekend to visit her several times.

Margaret Lewis and Margaret Lewis

My brother Simon has been working hard to renovate her house. We were able to assist a little this weekend.

I lived here from 1965 - 1969 and for short periods after then.


Margaret worked on the extensive but overgrown garden, whilst Simon and I painted the interior.


A new carpet, then the lounge will be completed.

Today is my niece Miriam’s 15th birthday. Amber and Kara stayed with their second cousins and the four girls had a wonderful time.

L-R: Amber, Jennifer, Kara, Miriam


Are Peacock or Reeve's Pheasant tail feathers better suited for balancing on your nose?


Kara entertained us with some of her own compositions and Miriam played the piano

In the evening Simon and Viv, Margaret and I and the four girls were joined by Viv’s parent Ida and Dennis for an excellent meal in a nearby hotel.

My sister-in-law Viv and her mother Ida


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