Sunday 4th September – Great Dorset Steam Fair   1 comment

Took the day off from ringing or birding and took the family to the Dorset Steam Fair at Tarrant Hinton. Andy and Janis wandered around on their own and we took the kids with us.

Amber, Kara and Margaret with vintage bus

The steam and smoke from the steam engines against an angry sky


I can remember steam rollers fixing the roads when I was a kid


but it was my father's generation who witnessed the travelling threshing machines going from village to village.


There must be hundreds of working steam engines at the fair...


...and beautiful old caravans with exquisite interiors


Many model enthusiast exibit at the Steam Fair, being boat children, the girls made a bee-line for this model yacht


The girls, of course, wanted to get to the traditional fun fair


Amber on the bucking bronco


Amber off the bucking bronco


Kara on the bucking bronco


Kara off the bucking bronco


The girls loved the scary rides


Rather them than me......


...particularly when it get up to speed.....


.... and you end up upside down.


I was physically forced onto a stage by the girls and made to do a humiliating dance


..but at least I got a hug from the pretty dancer.

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  1. awesome!!!
    It looks like you all had a blast!!!

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