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A beautiful misty morning followed by a very hot day for late September.

A misty morning at Lytchett


Morning light on the arable field.

Ringing in the arable field at Lytchett produced 50 new birds, Chiffs again were the most numerous bird (14) but assorted finches and Reed Buntings made up most of the rest.

In male Greenfinches the yellow on the primaries is more extensive and reaches the shaft near the base


The reduced yellow in the primaries of a female Greenfinch can be seen. The colour of the greater coverts and shape of the tail indicate a first year bird.


The white collar and black head of a breeding plumage Reed Bunting is acquired by abrasion not moult. Buff tips to the feathers wear away during the winter to reveal the white or black feathers below.


Paul and I were joined by Carol Grieg, another of Kevin Sayer’s all female band. Later Carol and I cleared a wet ride that we use for catching Pied Wagtails. It was a very high tide and the ride was flooded.  I managed to find a deep hole and got two bootfulls and was soaked up to the waist.

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