Friday 30th September – Ann’s retirement   Leave a comment

It was back to work this lunchtime, or at least back to the Pathology rest room for the retirement presentation of a friend and former colleague, Ann Hitchcoe.

Like me, Ann has worked in laboratories for most of her life (apart from a break when her children were small) and like me Ann decided to enjoy life and get out as soon as it was practical.

Ann and lab director Simon Hill

During the evening Ann organised a similar party to mine, booking the Black Sheep band at Upton Community Centre for a barndance.




Black Sheep

Kara, Margaret and me

Kara looks the part

Ann dancing

The drink flowed freely …

Ann is supported by her family – literally!

Jessica Pietrangelo and Anne Bunn

Simon Kellaway

One of the sad things about retirement is that I won’t get to see many of my former colleagues, like Lisa, very often.

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