October 25th – 26th – Lytchett and Holes Bay   Leave a comment

Much of the last two days has been spent recovering from a catastrophic failure of my computer. With 30% of my music and all of my e-mail contacts and old e-mails lost and several well used programs not working, I have some way to go.

I did manage to get out to Lytchett Bay yesterday and Holes Bay today. The maize has been cut at Lytchett and the finch flocks are now no longer concentrated in the weedy edges making ringing unfeasible. Crows have arrived in big numbers making the area ‘corvid heaven’ The usual waders were in the Bay, the best being a flock of 10 Avocets.


With the maize cut, the finches are no longer concentrated on the margins.



Corvid heaven




Today at Holes Bay, Wigeon were numerous with at least 400 present, along with good numbers of Curlew, Redshank and Black-tailed Godwits, also present were three Shoveler.




Eutrophication from the sewage outfalls has caused these algal mats across Holes Bay



With many birds deep in the channels and into the light, birding conditions were not ideal......



.... and then it tipped down with rain.

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