Tuesday 1st November – Blandford   Leave a comment

After the fairly miserable conditions of the last few days, the first day of November was warm, bright and still. In retrospect I should have gone ringing at Durlston, but the fine weather caught me by surprise.

Instead I went back to Blandford in the hope of photographing the Otters. Unfortunately I was unsuccessful, only getting a brief glimpse of one swimming in the distance, but the river was beautiful in the autumn sunshine and a spent a very pleasant morning watching a photographing Kingfishers, Grey Wagtails etc.


I have tried to put these photos in an arrangement other than vertical, but this is fraught with problems and the alignment always goes wrong when you upload!

The footbridge over the River StourRiver Stour

The weir on the Stour

River Stour downstream from the bridge.....

... was beautiful in the autumn sunlight

The Otters are sometimes seen climbing this weir



Swans and Black-headed Gulls at the weir

This Kingfisher remained hidden in the vegetation





































Black-headed Gull

Little Egret and Mallard

Grey Wagtails.......

.... a pair showed well just below the weir.

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