Saturday 5th November – Lytchett Bay   Leave a comment

An early morning start at Lytchett Bay allowed us to trap a few migrant thrushes including this Redwing.

The current mild weather seems to be inhibiting Redwing migration.

It's easy to see where Redwings got their name.

Note the differences in the patterns of the greater coverts, primary coverts and tail shape between these first year (left) and adult (right) Song Thrushes.

This female Bearded Tit was a nice surprise......

... but not as nice a surprise as its male companion.

Bearded Tits are now considered to be in family of their own, the only other mono-specific family to occur in the UK is the Osprey.

Commercial harvesting of cockles at high tide is a recent feature in Poole Harbour. Whether this causes disturbance to birds is open to debate......

However the cockler didn’t disturb this bird, a first year Red-throated Diver, only the third record for Lytchett Bay and the first for both Shaun and I.

I tried to photograph it, but it was too distant but Shaun managed to get some good disgiscoping shots, which are shown below.

Red-throated Diver, photo by Shaun Robson



Red-throated Diver - photo by Shaun Robson



Red-throated Diver, photo by Shaun Robson

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