Saturday 17th – Sunday 18th December – Christmas celebrations and WEBS counts.   Leave a comment

Saturday evening we attended the Nexus organisations Christmas dinner dance at the Queen’s Hotel, Bournemouth. This sort of event is often characterised by mediocre food, poor service and a disco that no-one wants to dance to. I am glad to report that this was an exception, good food served promptly and later a wide range of danceable music at a volume that didn’t deafen (I think I’m showing my age).

Some of our friends from the Nexus organisation..... ..with the inevitable party hats.










On Sunday morning I took part in the WeBS count, an acronym for Wetland Birds Survey. Each month from autumn to spring wetland birds across the UK are surveyed in a coordinated count. Up to now I haven’t taken part as I had to work weekends and was often away on foreign trips at this time of year. The WeBS counts in Poole Harbour has required a relaunch as many key areas were going uncounted and I volunteered to cover the southern section of Holes Bay.

Good birds including 75 Avocets and 7 Knot were seen, along with 260+ Black-tailed Godwits and many ducks.

Wigeon numbers have increased markedly in Holes Bay in recent years.

As well as the Barclay House Choir , Margaret has been practicing with the local church choir and tonight they gave a great performance at the annual carol concert at the Parish Church.

The Parish Church at Lytchett Minster, where we got married two and a half years ago

The church is always packed for the carol service. Margaret is in he choir somewhere at the back on the left.

Many of the neighbours have modest Christmas lights on their properties......

.... but some still go a bit over the top!

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