25th January – Eight and three quarters   Leave a comment

Kara has started attending Tae Kwondo classes and is doing very well, she can aim kicks over the top of my head! Last week she had her first assessment and went up not one, but three grades. On Wednesday Janis had to attend a parent-teachers evening at Amber’s school to discuss her GCSE choices, so Margaret took Kara to the Tae Kwondo class.

We later had a phone call to say she had hurt her leg in a collision with classmate so I set out to collect her. On arrival it was clear the situation was quite serious and as we couldn’t move her without her suffering extreme pain she would need to go to A&E in an ambulance.

The ambulance soon arrived and strapped up the leg, she was asked how much does it hurt out of a scale of one to ten where one is no pain and ten is the worst imaginable’. She answered ‘eight and three quarters’!

Fortunately nothing was broken and she has to go back to hospital on Tuesday to assess the extent of the damage. she’s getting around OK on crutches and has spent the last couple of days watching TV at our house.

Kara taken from Ladycat in Spain in 2009

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