3rd and 4th February bits and pieces   Leave a comment

Over these two days I searched the frozen Lytchett Bay and Holes Bay for cold weather immigrants like Smew and Jack Snipe. With temperatures only just getting above zero, the ground remained frozen. There were plenty of ducks and waders about but nothing really unusual.

On the 4th I also visited Soldier’s Road near Arne where a Short-eared Owl had been seen. From the recently cleared (of pine trees) hill I had great views over Wareham Channel and Arne Moors in front of me and Hartland Moor behind. After several days of still and cold weather the approaching warm front brought snow flurries and then heavy rain. Before I was forced to depart I saw four Marsh Harriers and a Peregrine but no Short-eareds.


A frozen Holes Bay



Avocet flocks have a characteristic appearance and can be identified at great distance.



Eleven Little Egrets on the Holes Bay bridge



The waste ground near Kerry Foods used to be a good spot for Jack Snipe in cold weather but has recently been trashed by off-road bikes and fly tipping.


On the evening of the 4th Margaret and I attended a dinner dance in a Bournemouth Hotel organised by the Barclay House Choir to commemorate the retirement of Jim Grocott, the choir’s musical director for the last thirty or so years. It was an excellent meal with a good number of the choir and orchestra turning up in spite of the dreadful weather.


The Barclay House Choir dinner dance


Jim Growcott's retirement speech.







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