25th February – South Kensington, London part 2   Leave a comment

The impressive foyer. The lighting on the arc is constantly moving and the individual dots briefly coalesce to form words

Every time I try to place photos side by side instead of one below the other it goes a bit haywire after a couple of lines. Attempts to correct this usually only make the matter worse! As a result I decided to post my Science Museum article even though it wasn’t completed and then continue with a second post.

You can have a car that's any colour you like, as long as it's black! A Model T Ford

A steam engine, the type of which powered the Industrial Revolution.

The Apollo 10 capsule

The first train, Stevenson's Rocket.

A copy of Babbage's Difference Engine, the first computer, designed in 1849.

The original ERNIE, the Electronic Random Number Indicator Equipment that was used to select wining Premium Bonds in the 50's


Much of the Science Museum now seems to be taken up with the history of innovation, rather than pure science itself, not that this makes it any less interesting. There are many iconic objects on display some of which are shown above.

We eventually managed to reunite all of our group and left at about 1715 for the 1600 coach home, getting back at 2100. It was a wonderful day and the girls really enjoyed it. I hope they learnt some science as well!

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