1st March – Last of the Summer Wine?   Leave a comment

Today I met up with my friends and ex colleagues, Gio Petrangelo and Tim Kellaway for a walk around the Studland area. Gio suggested it was like an episode of  ‘Last of the Summer Wine’ where three old codgers always end up going for a walk and on the way to pub get involved in all manner of hilarious scrapes. I pointed out that although Gio and I might pass as ‘old codgers’ this was hardly fair on Tim, who is still in his forties.

Unfortunately it was a very foggy morning when we caught the ferry over to Shell Bay. First we walked along the road towards the freshwater lake of Littlesea. Unfortunately large fish have been illegally introduced to this lake and changes in the ecology mean that it is nowhere as attractive to wintering duck as it used to be, however we were delighted to see three Otters as we approached the main viewing area.

Poor visibility at the ferry.

Formed by the formation of the dune system which cut it off from Studland Bay, Littlesea is part of the National Nature Reserve.

We were delighted to see three Otters, probably a female and two of last years cubs

We continued across Godlingstone Heath to the Agglestone, a mighty block of sandstone perched on a hill. Legend claims it was thrown at Corfe Castle from the Isle of Wight by the Devil who inevitably missed. As we had our lunch the foggy conditions lifted and we had great views, but later whilst enjoying a pint in the garden of the Bankes Ams we noted that in the windless and still misty conditions as we still couldn’t make out the horizon, all the navigation buoys and fishing boats appeared suspended in mid-air!

The Agglestone looms over Goddlingstone Heath.

Tim and Gio at the Agglestone, a 400 tonne block of sandstone that looks very out-of-place in the middle of the wet heath.

Visibility started to improve whilst we were there.


Snowdrops are to be expected a this time of year.....


... but Primroses are a sure sign of spring.


The sea was like a mill-pond off Studland village, grebes and sea duck were offshore but I didn't have my scope.

Back at the ferry it was hardly seemed possible that the Harbour mouth was shrouded in fog just six hours ago.


So will Compo, Clegg and Foggy go on another hike? I certainly hope so, perhaps Nora Batty will come along next time.

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