20th March – Equinox birding   Leave a comment

Today was the spring equinox, from today until the 20th of September the days will be longer than the nights. More time for birding but less time for sleep!

Two days ago a tattler species was reported at Middlebere. Very little is known about the sighting but what we have heard sounded good. The bird was looked for yesterday without success but after the news broke last night, I thought I would have a go today.

There are two species of Tattlers, medium-sized waders with bright yellow legs. Grey-rumped breeds in easternmost Siberia and winters in Australia, whilst Wandering breeds in coastal north-western  USA and Canada and winters mainly on Pacific islands. Wandering has never been recorded in the UK, Europe or the WP but Grey-rumped has occurred twice in the UK.

Predictably the bird wasn’t present; it looks like this will be a mystery that will never be resolved. I spent about three hours in the area, looking from both the Avocet and the Harrier hides, best birds being six Spoonbills and a nice variety of waders.


The Harrier hide looks over the Wytch Channe and lies just to the south of the Middlebere Channel (which would be to the left of this picture). Both channels drain into Poloe Harbour.

One of six Spoonbills present. They will soon be heading back to Holland to breed.

Middlebere is a reliable place to see Yellow-legged Gull

The underwing pattern of a Common Snipe. If you ever claimed a American Wilson's Snipe you would need a photo like this to get it accepted, as the underwing pattern is one of he key ID features.

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