Thursday 29th March – panic buying on the way to Durlston   Leave a comment


Unfortunately the threat of a tanker drivers strike has set off a round of panic buying. I would have avoided buying fuel under these circumstances but my tank was nearly empty. At Sandford the petrol station had a sign saying ‘no fuel’, at Stoborough they were queuing back onto the road so I headed off to Harman’s Cross where after a long wait I finally filled up.

I had been heading for Rempstone Forest for another attempt for Lesser Spots but now I was well south of there, so I continued southwards and went to Durlston. I arrived about 0930, rather too late for migrant birds but it was another beautiful day so I walked along the coast path to the western boundary seeing a few Chiffchaffs and a couple of Wheatears. Here about a mile from the car park I had a big surprise in the form of a Red Kite, my third in three days.  I returned via the north of the park, a very pleasant hike.

On the way home I called in at Holton Lee where I had left a few guys and pegs from previous ringing attempts as I won’t ring there now until the autumn.

Durlston lighthouse


A flat calm and sunlit sea


The Marines were on exercise.


Resident species, like this Blue Tit .......


... or this Dunnock are in full song and many have already started breeding before the trans-Saharan migrants have even arrived.


But the surprise was this Red Kite. There is a clear movement of this species through Dorset over the last week with maybe a dozen or more seen.





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