1st April – Kingcombe and Winyards Gap.   Leave a comment

On the Sunday morning we headed back down the hill to Kingcombe centre, where Nick had left the best of his moth trap for guests to see. Dotted Border was a new species for me.

When we had assembled we drove (in a convoy) to Winyards Gap, from where we set out for a five mile walk down into Somerset and back. Many had a pub lunch at Winyard’s Gap and then continued on another walk, but we decided to head home as we now felt pretty knackered.

We woke to a gloriously sunny morning...


Upper Kingcombe Lodge has a series of private fishing lakes.


Hebrew Character, a common early season moth.


Oak Beauty is a moth of oak woodland and not one that I see in Upton.


Dotted Border, an early season moth of woodland


A aerial matrix near Kingcombe was once used to broadcast the BBC world service.


The view from Winyards Gap into Somerset.


Woodspurge, a green flowered plant.


An isolated farm with some unusual garden ornaments.



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