10th April – Portland   Leave a comment

Yesterday we had our first really wet day for ages, what the BBC weathergirl called ‘usable rain’, but today was clear and sunny if quite windy. The wind was blowing from the south-west, so there was the promise of some seabirds at Portland.

First I called in at Barleycrates Lane in the hope of another Ring Ousel but all I found was a Blackcap so I headed for the Bill a bit of seawatching.

The trouble with seawatching is that often that is exactly what happens, you end up watching the sea rather than seabirds.


Along with several of the Portland regulars I was able to see my first Manx Shearwaters and Puffins plus a few Sandwich Terns. Later back at the Observatory a couple of Arctic Skuas put on a great show offshore, chasing Kittiwakes and Sandwich Terns over a protracted period.


Manx Shearwaters were seen with the Gannets off the Bill Photo from the Internet.


This dark phase Arctic Skua gives a pretty good idea of the sort of view I was getting from the Observatory patio. Photo from the Internet.


On the way back I called in at Lodmoor where a pair of Bearded Tits and a Marsh Harrier where the best birds, before heading back to Upton and Lytchett bay where a Cattle Egret had been seen earlier. At least a dozen Little Egrets were present but no Cattle, perhaps it had gone off in search of some cows.

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