23rd – 24th April – at home, Wool and New Forest   Leave a comment

There is one sure way to make it rain, the government declares an ‘official drought’!

'Drought conditions' - the car park at the gym.


Heavy rain on the 23rd kept me at home for much of the day, but late morning I received information that there was a White Stork near Wool. I went straight away and saw a very bedraggled stork hunched up in the middle of a ploughed field. It was good job that I went when I did as the bird flew as soon as the rain stopped in the early afternoon.


I have seen about ten white Storks in the UK and over 10,000 abroad but none have looked as miserable as this one.


We have a pair of Magpies nesting near our garden, one has a severely damaged bill with the lower mandible being turned through 45 degrees. It must be managing to find food although it is looking a bit ragged.


As it was her birthday Margaret and I met up for lunch. In the evening Janis and Andy and the girls came round to wish her a happy birthday.


Kara had learned to play 'happy birthday' on the guitar especially for Margaret's birthday. The large plant is a present from Janis.


When I got back from Derby I found our conservatory had filled up with teenage girls. Kara has passed the first audition in a talent competition and the girls were helping her practice. L-R Jade, Emma, Charlie, Amber and Kara


On the 24th I spent the morning in the New Forest. First I called in at Blashford Lakes where a Black Tern had been seen yesterday. No luck with that, but I did see a Little Ringed Plover, a few Common Terns and many Sand Martins.


Most ducks have left Blashford for their northern breeding areas and mainly Tufted Ducks remain.


About 7,000 pairs of Tufted Duck breed in the UK but many more arrive for winter.


I spent the next few hours around the Bolderwood / Anderwood area. Blackcaps were common, I saw six Redstarts, several Treecreepers, Nuthatches and two Hawfinches but Wood Wablers hadn’t arrived yet and I only heard one Cuckoo.


At this time of the year some trees are in leaf whilst others are still bare.


This tiny Grey Squirrel must have just have left the drey.



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