18th – 19th August – Lightning really does strike twice!   Leave a comment

As we usually do, we headed up to the Rutland Bird Fair and again year we took Amber and Kara with us. Leaving at 0630 we arrived about 0950, even at that time of the day it was hot inside the marquees. I wanted to hear a talks by Mike Watson of Birdquest on Oman (a trip I have been on with him), Mark Constantine’s talk on his new book and one on the filming of the BBC’s amazing Birds of Paradise program, all of which we managed to do. The rest of the day was spent visiting friends on various stands, although as always there was far more to do than time available.

Recent rain has meant that the Rutland Water has no muddy margins, so few waders were on show, but single Osprey was seen. Conditions were so bad in July that it looked like the Bird Fair was going to have to be cancelled.

My old friend Peter Basterfield on the Birdfinders stand. Peter used to lead for Birdfinders but has had to give up following a serious road accident in India. Like me Peter used to work in medical laboratories, I first met him on Scilly in 1979 and we have kept in touch since.

I always visit the Dutch Birding / Sound Approach stand. L-R facing the camera, Around van den Berg, Magnus Robb, Rene Pop, AN Other. At the back Mark is sat down, Mo is facing left and Paul Morton is standing up with the checked shirt.

Mark giving his talk on Catching The Bug

…….. and Mark and Nick signing copies of their book.

It was a long and tiring day, fortunately the driver stayed awake.

We all spent Saturday night at my brother’s place in Derby. We usually visit this weekend as it falls close to my niece Miriam’s birthday. Simon, who runs a degree course in Acoustics and Stage presentation at Derby University, went through a recording of the Olympic opening ceremony explaining how it was all done.

In Simon and Viv’s garden, Kara shows off her cartwheeling skills.

Kara has been selected to trial for the national Taekwondo team, not bad as she has been training for less than a year.

On Sunday morning we called in to see my sister-in-laws parents, Ida and Dennis and as always were entertained by their highly positive outlook on life.

Margaret with Ida and Dennis relaxing in their garden.

Miriam, Amber, Jennifer and Kara at our wedding in June 2009 ……….

………. and again in August 2012 – haven’t they grown up!

Then it was the long and tiring drive back to Poole

Well this weekend was an almost exact copy of the equivalent date in 2011, right down to what I missed by going away. Just as happened in 2011, no sooner had I got in the car, then an Aquatic Warbler was trapped at Lytchett Bay, and this year it was not an Aquatic but two! Although I have seen Aquatics before in Dorset and ringed a few, missing this globally threatened species still rankles. Yes, lightning really does strike twice!

Bob with Aquatic Warblers, 18.8.12. Photo by Terry Elborne.

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