14th – 15th September – another leaving do and visit from a bronze medalist.   1 comment

After some early morning ringing , on the 14th I went back to the lab for yet another leaving do. Natasha (Tash) Barrow was leaving to take up a teacher training post. She is about the 7th person to leave since I retired 15 months ago. Tash started in the lab in the 80s but moved to Southampton when the environmental work (foods and water microbiology) was transferred there. She later came back, working first in Biochem, then again with us. She has a wonderful sense of humour and a great taste in music, I’m sure my former colleagues will really miss her.


The lab staff and a few of us retired folks gathered in the pathology tea room to wish Tash well.


Tash expresses surprise as she unwraps her leaving presents.


As Tash was leaving to become a teacher, a lot of the staff dressed up as school kids and wore a fake ‘tash’. L-R: Lisa, Polly and Dave.


Sue displays an impressive tash ……


…. and Louise wears her school gym kit.


In the evening some of my ex-colleagues headed for the Bermuda Triangle at Ashley Cross for a farewell drink with Tash. I was up at 0530 that morning and planned to do the same again on Saturday, so we didn’t stay long.



L-R. Dave (with the troublesome tash), Tash and my fellow retiree, Giovanni.


L-R: Andy, Simon, Sam, Emma and Dave (who is still trying to keep that tash in place).


Over the weekend Janis, Amber and Kara popped round from time to time. Kara brought her bronze Taekwondo medal for us all to admire, but was still hobbling following a foot injury at the championship. I also replaced my camera (for the second time) following the dip in the Sherford back in August, so I should be posting better quality photos again.


Kara shows off her bronze medal – third in the whole country in her weight class – well done girl!


The best sporting award I got at school was a swimming certificate!



















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  1. Congrats to Kara! Her bronze medal is quite an achievement!

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