Shetland update 4 – a few more pictures from the last week.   2 comments

A Grey Seal, note the flat top to the head with the eyes about mid way between the nape and the snout.

A Common (or Harbour Seal) eating a flat fish. Note the dog like muzzle with the eyes closer to the snout than the nape.

A migrant flock of Pink-footed Geese probably on their way from Iceland to Lancashire.

This flock of 18 Barnacle Geese flew around Sumburgh Head …..

….. before landing on Scatness.

Barnacle Geese breed on Greenland, Svalbard and Novoya Nemla. These are probably from Svalbard on their way to the Solway Firth for the winter.

Many Barnacles seen in England are of feral origin, there was no doubt that these were truly wild.

Curlews are a common breeder and still common in the autumn right across Shetland.

A flock of Golden Plovers. Although close to the equinox the sunrise and sunset times are similar in Shetland to Dorset, the twilight this far north seems to last for ever.

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2 responses to “Shetland update 4 – a few more pictures from the last week.

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  1. Hi There

    I am currently finishing work on a non fiction book detaling the rather bizarre history of the notion that a species of seal could have evolved with a more elongated neck.
    I would very much like if possible to use a copy of the excellent grey seal profile (top picture) within it. I would of course acknowledge the source and link to your blog.

    Kind regards


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