October 31st – Halloween and some family news.   Leave a comment

Yes, it’s Trick or Treat time again. I used to switch all the lights off at the front and hide in the back bedroom on Halloween but Margaret places a lit pumpkin outside and stocks up on sweets for the kids.


With all the treats we were handing out…..


…. we didn’t suffer any tricks.


The previous Saturday Janis held a Halloween party for Amber and Kara and friends, John and Anita and Margaret and I were also invited.






Scary kids: Kara and friend Lilly


Scary lips: lips of apple with marsh mallow teeth.


Even scarier snacks: slides of ham over a mask with pickled onion and black olive eyes and marsh mallow teeth.


Why are all the teenagers sitting in a circle?


…. oh they are playing ‘spin the bottle’ !


Back about a week ago we went round to Anita and John’s flat for John’s birthday.


L-R: Amber, Anita, Margaret, John and Janis.



I think this card that John received is more applicable to me than to a guy in his 40s!


Other family news: John has returned to South Africa for a month or so to sort out a number of things, Janis has started a new job with the RNLI and Kara (and Janis) are off to Scotland at the weekend for another Taekwondo contest.












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