18th – 21st November – a gold medal and a green belt for Kara   Leave a comment

Kara and Janis went up to Bradford on Sunday so Kara could compete in another Taekwodo competition. Kara did very well this time and won a gold medal.

Kara in action at the Taekwondo competition in Bradford. Photo by Janis Dreosti.

On Monday both Kara and Janis were having their Taekwondo grades assessed at Hamworthy football club, Margaret and I went along to watch.

Kara at her Taekwondo grading. I used a very high ISO rating which has made the pictures grainy rather than use a flash to avoid distracting the students.

Kara was awarded a green belt after this grading ….

Janis also was being graded and was awarded a yellow belt with green tag, one level lower than Kara.

On Wednesday Kara came round to show off her medals.

Gold from Bradford, Silver from Scotland and Bronze from Manchester.

Later on Monday night Margaret and I joined local birders for a pint. We welcome Marcus Lawson, who has just moved from Kent, to the Poole birding community.


Paul Morton and Mark Constantine are joined by Marcus Lawson (L) a newcomer to the Poole birding scene.


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