11th – 12th February – Ocana, Colombia   Leave a comment

We drove north to the picturesque town of Ocana. From here we spent a day and a half in the Recurve-billed Bushbird reserve before driving south into the Upper Magdelena Valley.


From Cerulea we drove north to Orcana which lies a little to the south of the Santa Marta massif. We had a fine view of the plaza from our restaurant.


We didn’t get to see the plaza in daylight until we left.


Much of the area has been deforested but a section has been set aside to protect the enigmatic Recurve-billed Bushbird.


It was exceptionally dry here and no birds were singing, we checked seven known territories and but didn’t even hear a Bushbird. One of the territories was near this Chapel which commemorates the finding of a bit of wood with a supposed image of Christ engraved on it.


The access to the Chapel


We didn’t see many birds but this huge Iguana was some compensation.


… as did these beautiful butterflies …..




We did eventually get to see the amazing Recuve-billed Bushbird but I only saw it in flight, my best views were on this sign! I did get excellent views of the endemic Grey-throated Warbler though.

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