March 21st – 26th – a bit of ringing and a few social events   Leave a comment


Making it up as we go along – Simon demonstrates ringing with no birds to ring!

DSCF8841 Marsh Tit SB

The first Marsh Tit we have seen at Durlston. This species is declining rapidly and what it was doing at Durlston away from its normal habitat of mature woodland is anyone’s guess.


Later on the 21st we celebrated Margaret’s birthday at The Sandford pub. We were joined by Anita and Janis ….


… whilst Kara and Amber played on the trampoline outside ….


… try as I might I couldn’t get a shot with both girls in the air at once.


A birthday hug for grandma.


On Thursday I gave a lunchtime talk to my ex-colleagues at the lab on the subject of my three tours to New Guinea. This is a tiny island in the d’Entrecasteau archipelago in the far east of PNG.


On Friday lunchtime I returned to the lab for Shirley Maynard’s retirement. Shirley, along with husband Brian worked in Microbiology in the 80’s, then after a break she came back to work in Haematology.


Work do’s are like busses, none for ages then three come along at once. On Friday evening another ex-colleague Sue Wolfe and her husband Chris held a party to celebrate their 60th birthdays. L – R Jessica Pietrangelo, Sheila Peace and Sue Wolfe


More ex-colleagues, L-R Ann Hitchcoe, Linda Shannon and Val Hunt.


Chris Bunn and Gio Pietrangelo

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