23rd to 29th May – a nice walk at Kimmeridge and some family updates.   Leave a comment


Kara (right) lands a blow on her opponent. She continues to practice Taekwondo most nights of the week. Photo by Janis Dreosti.


Top in her age/weight class. At a recent competition in London she was awarded a gold medal. Photo by Janis Dreosti.


The 23rd of April started sunny and keen to get fit for my upcoming African trip, thought I would go for hike along the coast path. To avoid the excessive charge in the village, I parked in the quarry above Kimmeridge and walked down to the beach. Note the Isle of Portland on the horizon.


It had become quite cloudy when I reached Kimmeridge Bay. This is one of Britain’s first marine reserves and protects a wonderful selection of inter-tidal species.


The coast path to the west of Kimmeridge was closed as it crosses the Lulworth Ranges as the army was on exercises, so I headed eastwards.


Just east of Kimmeridge is Clavell Tower. This folly, built in 1830, was in severe risk of falling into the sea due to cliff erosion and in 2006 was dismantled stone by stone and rebuilt slightly inland. It has been renovated so that two people can stay there and thanks to this work will remain an important landmark on the Jurassic Coast well into the future.


Unfortunately the recent wet weather has had a devastating effect on the Jurassic Coast with numerous cliff collapses and landslides. The path was closed just east of Clavell Tower so I had no alternative but to retrace my steps and abandon the coastal walk. I headed home via Corfe Castle, which I seldom see from this angle.


Anita and John have been living in a flat in Upton for eight months now, but it takes Anita almost an hour to get to and from her job in Bournemouth. They have now found a flat in the centre of Bournemouth which is only minutes away from work. On the 24th I helped John and his friend Ian move their gear out of the Upton flat.


In the evening Margaret and I went over to help them settle in.


The flat overlooks the pedestrianised Old Christchurch Road. Its pretty quiet now but I told them that it will be a bit different at 11 pm on an August evening!


It might have been quiet but there were still some strange characters about. Here Margaret and Anita meet Snow White and the Four Dwarves in the road just outside the flat.


Kara arrived after Taekwondo and demonstrated the speed of her moves.


Amber birthday is in June, but as most of her friends will be involved in exams then, she opted to have a 16th birthday party at half-term break and had a camping and BBQ event at a nearby camp site. John opted to stay overnight for adult supervision and Margaret and I popped in to help. However the weather wasn’t too good, but eventually the tents got erected and the food cooked.


The cool and wet conditions didn’t stop Amber (L), Matt and Kara going swimming.


Lee seemed less inclined to go for a swim, but the others made sure that he did!


Eventually the food was ready and the kids settled in for a cool and rather damp evening. L-R Lillie, Kara, Amber, Matt and Lee. Charlie and Emily are out of shot.


Kara and her zebraesque friend Lilly.


The next morning fortunately was much drier and I returned to help them take down, but (with a few notable exceptions) organising teenagers to put things away is a bit like nailing custard to the ceiling.

This will be the last blog post for a while as I leave soon for an exciting trip to Africa. More in due course.

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