29th – 30th June – a beach BBQ and some music on the quay   Leave a comment

For those who are interested in the family activities rather than just my foreign travels, I’ll quickly post this update, (bizarrely the captions box is working again, I must find out what I am doing wrong!)

Since returning from Uganda on the 27th I have spent most of my time editing photos, entering data on the computer etc, however on Saturday 29th we joined john and Anita and some of their friends at a beach BBQ at Boscombe and on Sunday we joined them on Poole Quay for a music event. Margaret and I also met up with several local birders at the Blue Boar on July 2nd to catch up with bird news.

The first signs of return (autumn) migration are already happening and should be in full swing when we get back from our trip to see Margaret’s sister in Austria later in the month.


BBQ at Boscombe beach


Low evening sun combined with smoke from the BBQs was dazzling.


Anita playing frisbee


Amber with her boyfriend Zak and Kara go swimming – far too cold for me.



Amber, Zak and Kara shivering post dip.



On Sunday Margaret and I enjoyed listening to a range of music on Poole Quay …..


… before joining John and Anita and friends for a drink at the Portsmouth Hoy.


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