Ugandan Butterflies   1 comment

One of the features of tropical birding trips is the wonderful array of butterflies. Unlike the birds, little information is available on butterflies of the tropics and many do not even have vernacular names. Add to this the demands on your time that birding imposes and you can see why few if any of these gorgeous f tropical butterflies get identified.

Here is a selection of the butterflies I photographed in Uganda, manly in forest habitats. If anyone out there in cyberspace can give me an English or scientific name of any of them I’d be grateful.


IMG_3030-transparent-butter IMG_3016-buterflys IMG_3012-butterflys IMG_2911-Butterfly IMG_2909-butterfly IMG_2886-Butterfly IMG_2333-Butterfly IMG_1148-Butterflys IMG_1146-Butterflys IMG_0026-Butterfly

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