31st August – 1st September – Bournemouth Airshow.   Leave a comment

The Bournemouth Airshow has been running at the end of the summer for several years now but we have never been over to see the displays. This year we joined John, Anita and Kara on Saturday evening on the overcliff.



It was a wonderful evening with the setting sun illuminating the beach and the display aircraft with a soft light.


One of the highlights was the Spitfire Mk19, one of the few Spitfires that are still airworthy


. I tried to explain to Kara why this plane is held in such esteem in the UK by saying’that if it wasn’t for the Spitfire we’d all be speaking German now’.


Later there was a fly-by by this very impressive Sea Vixen. Unfortunately at this point my camera battery died and I’d forgotten to bring a spare, so the dramatic sight of planes doing aerobatics with fireworks shooting from the wing went unrecorded.


I returned on Sunday afternoon just in time to see the Battle of Britain fly past. The sight of three iconic aircraft, the Spitfire and Hurricane fighters and the Lancaster bomber in the air together was really impressive. Unfortunately the sun was now in our eyes, producing rather washed out pics.


I wish my father could have seen this fly-by, he served in the RAF from 1939 – 1945.


Next up was the Meteor and Vampire, early jet fighters from the late 40’s and 50’s


It costs a lot of money and the dedicated attention of many enthusiast to keep these old planes airworthy. I wonder if there is any chance of seeing an original Sopwith Camel at an airshow?


There was a great aerobatic display from the Blades but unfortunately we heard that the highlight of the afternoon the enormous Vullcan had gone ‘technical’ and would be unable to fly.


We that’s all from us for a week or two, I’m off on my travels again. I’ll update you when I return.

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