13th – 15th December – two very different concerts   Leave a comment

I returned from a great trip to Africa (more about that later) on the 13th but had little time to unwind after the overnight flight, as we were off see Jools Holland and his Rhythm and Blues Orchestra at the BIC in Bournemouth that evening..


The concert started with a lovely session from American singer songwriter, Galia Arad ….


… but after the break Jools (far left) was on with the 17 members of the Rhythm and Blues Orchestra, which includes a 11 strong brass section.

and what followed was an evening of virtuoso boogie-woogie and ska music 

…. and the concert was enlivened by guest vocalists, Louise Marshall …


… ex Spice Girl, Mel C …..


… and soul diva, Ruby Turner.


All in all, an excellent and varied concert.

On the 15th it was Margaret’s choir’s Christmas carol concert at St Peter’s Church in Parkstone. Under the direction of conductor James Eaton, they put on a wonderful performance, including a novel version of the Twelve Days of Christmas, where each verse was performed in a different musical style.


The Barclay House Choir and St Peter’s Orchestra led by conductor James Eaton. Margaret is just visible on the far left of the second row of the choir.


Nearly all were impressed by the music, but the girls, morally obliged to go and hear grandma sing, took the opportunity to catch up with some of their homework; art for Amber and Spanish for Kara.



James Eaton and leader of the orchestra, Andrew Foot shake hands at the end of the concert.


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