Margaret’s retirement and a family get together.   Leave a comment


Margaret had a significant birthday last week and of course the granddaughters were round with presents …..



…. and a cake



Next door bought a bulldog puppy a while ago, well it’s no longer a puppy and it has started chewing holes in the fence.


Seems like it’s rather keen to get into our garden, Margaret solved the problem by painting the edges of the hole wit Ha chili paste. One more chew on the wood was enough to put him off for good.


Rather than go out on Margaret’s birthday, we waited until the weekend to celebrate when all the family could be there. We went for a meal at the Red Lion at Sturminster Marshall, which had a very nice menu and an extensive gluten free section for Janis.


L_R Anita, Margaret, Janis, Amber, John, Kara and me



John and Anita will be moving within the next couple of days to Essex, where John has already been working for the last few weeks. We will be sorry to see them go but we are looking forwards to exploring a new part of the country  when we visit them.


Sisters ……




… are doing it for themselves !



Kara wanted to look cool and reserved ….


… but balancing a ‘reserved’ sign on her head might have been going a bit too far! (The pint of beer in the last photo is mine, not Kara’s, just in case you were wondering)


I have known the girls for just over seven years and of course they have changed dramatically in that time. However we have really noticed Amber’s transition into young lady within the last few months. By the way, I try not to use flash for indoor photos as I feel the harsh light destroys the mood, even if it does result in sharper pictures.


Margaret retired from her job in a solicitor’s office on the last day of April and is now a lady of leisure. We are looking forwards to doing lots of things together, both in the house, in the UK and abroad.

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