14th – 18th May 2015: Alps trip part 7 – the wedding   Leave a comment

Late on the 14th we arrived at Dornbirn, the largest town in easternmost Austria. Margaret’s nephew Marc lives here (convenient as he works for a Swiss company), although her sister Cathy and husband Wolfgang live in easternmost Austria (see posts for July 2013). Photos of the birding and sightseeing we did whilst in this area have been uploaded in the last post.

IMG_6153 at Marc's flat

On arrival we assembled at the apartment that Marc shares with his bride-to-be Elizabeth. L-R: Rene’s fiancée Danielle; Rene, Marc’s brother; Wolfgang, Marc and Rene’s father; John, Margaret’s son-in-law now living in Essex; and with his back to the camera, Daniel, Marc’s best man. Note the neighbours are practicing their mountaineering techniques on their roof!

IMG_6152 from Marc's flat

Marc and Elizabeth have a superb view from their apartment balcony. The restaurant where the reception was to be held the following day can only be reached by cable car and is situated on the left hand most peak.

IMG_6157 Marc's flat

Marc and Elizabeth have a beautifully equipped modern apartment. L-R: Wolfgang; Margaret (back to camera); Marc; Daniel – John’s cousin and Marc’s friend, originally from SA now in Canada; John (back to the camera); Danielle; Roual (also back to the camera) – Daniel’s brother, also now in Canada; and Rene.

IMG_6171 Marc and family

In Austria the civil wedding ceremony is held on a different day and at a different location from the church ceremony. In the afternoon of Friday 15th we assembled at the town hall for the civil ceremony with many of the family wearing traditional Austrian costumes. L-R: Wolfgang; Cathy – Marc’s mother and Margaret’s sister, Elizabeth – Marc’s bride, Marc, Rene and Danielle.

IMG_6165 bridesmaid elizabeth marc daniel

L-R: Bridesmaid Christine, Elizabeth, Marc and best man Daniel (not to be confused with Canadian Daniel).

IMG_8024 civil ceremony

The civil ceremony.

IMG_8050 John with the ladies

John poses with the ladies. L-R: Christine, John and Elizabeth.

IMG_8109 Panorama restuarant

The weather was against us but fortunately improved for the church ceremony the following day. Margaret had been dreading the ascent to the Panorama Restaurant by cable car for the reception ….

IMG_8068 in the clouds

…. but by the time we got there the clouds had closed in and you couldn’t see a thing, much to Margaret’s relief.

IMG_8075 Margaret Cathy & Martin

Margaret with sister Cathy and older brother Martin (who flew here all the way from Australia). Her younger brother, Duncan, was unable to make it due to work commitments, which is a shame as the four of them haven’t been together since school days.

IMG_8087 Anita Roual & Cathy

We had a lovely meal at the restaurant and as you can see from the photo quite a lot of what John calls ‘personality’, ie alcoholic beverages. L-R: Anita – Margaret’s daughter; Roual – John’s cousin from Canada; Cathy and Danielle.

IMG_8094 view as we were leaving

When it was time to leave the clouds had cleared somewhat, revealing this view over Dornbirn, but in the dark Margaret made the descent without any problems.

IMG_8117 the wedding church

The following afternoon we gathered at the church in the nearby village of Bildstein for the church ceremony.

IMG_8121 the church

We were asked not to take photos during the service, an exception being made for the official photographer seen here, so I took this quick shot before we all went in. It was a Catholic service (which I have never experienced before) and of course was in German, so I had no idea what was going on, but the priest, a friend of Marc’s, did thank those who had travelled from Britain, Australia and Canada in English.

IMG_8138 Marc & Elizabeth

The bride and groom after the service.

IMG_8140 releasing doves - Copy

Bride and groom releasing white doves. I was a bit slow on the shutter button!

IMG_8135 post wedding

The 200 or so guests gathered outside the church for champagne and canapes 

IMG_8153 Jean Martin Caroline - Copy

Margaret’s brother Martin and his wife Jean were joined by their daughter Caroline, who flew out from the UK just for the church ceremony.

IMG_8157 reception

Another day, another reception and yet more alcohol.

IMG_8176 Marc & Elizabeth dancing

Marc is one of the most capable and organised people I have ever met. A company director and local politician by the age of 30, nothing seems to faze him, except perhaps having take part in the first dance (particularly when your wife’s hobby is ballroom dancing).

IMG_6185 Switzerland from the plane

Our activities on the following day, Sunday 17th, have been detailed in the last post. On the 18th we left early to drive back to Zürich and catch the plane to Heathrow. To conclude here are a few shots from the plane of northern Switzerland ….

IMG_6190 from the plane

…. the neatly patterned fields of Germany ….

IMG_6193 London from plane

…. and the cloudier conditions as we descended over the London Eye and the Palace of Westminster.




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