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This short post covers a Bob Dylan concert that Margaret and I attended in Bournemouth on May 4th.

    Of all of the famous artists of the 60’s there few who have had a greater impact on modern music than Bob Dylan. His amazing songs with their wonderful lyrics were the soundtrack to my youth. Having said that after Nashville Skyline in 1969 I didn’t actively follow Dylan’s career. Although I have obtained a number of his later albums, if I wish to listen to Dylan I always turn to Nashville Skyline, Blonde on Blonde, one of the many ‘Best Of’ albums or to my favourite – Highway 61 Revisited.


I have always wanted to see Bob Dylan in concert. I wanted to go the 1971 Isle of Wight festival but was working at the time and couldn’t go. Several work colleagues saw him in Bournemouth in 2006 but I was away when tickets went on sale and they had sold out when I returned, so when I heard that he was playing in Bournemouth again this May we jumped at the chance.


Unfortunately by the time we got tickets only one from the back of the upper terrace were available. From this distance it was hard to even make out which one was Dylan, especially as he was seated at the piano for much of the time and his features were hidden by a wide-brimmed hat. Fortunately I had brought my camera and took some (not especially sharp) telephoto shots.


So what of the performance itself? Dylan never played the guitar or harmonica, never even spoke to the audience, introduced a number or the band or even said farewell. Most of his lyrics couldn’t be heard and apart from some covers of songs by Sinatra, I only recognised three numbers (although that’s my fault for not getting to know his post 1970 work better) ….


…. that said, the band were awesome and played very well and it was great to see a true musical legend …. 


…. but perhaps it would have been better if I had seen him in 1971.

By the way this post is my 500th since I started the blog on my retirement in June 2011.

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