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June 2015: Two concerts for us plus a prom and a wonderful holiday for Kara   Leave a comment

A short post bringing the blog up to date with a few non-birdy things.

A couple of weeks ago Margaret and I took the unusual step of going all the way to Reading to see a Genesis tribute band. This might seem a long way to go just to see a tribute band, but the reason we went is that my brother has a friend who intends to manage them. The band,who haven’t even decided on a name yet, were doing a dress rehearsal and wanted an audience of friends and colleagues. My brother and his wife travelled down from Derby and spent some time at Henley-on-Thames before meeting us for a meal in Reading. It was my sister-in-law’ birthday, so that was another reason for going. Unfortunately we have no photos of the event.

The band was superb and sounded just like Genesis. However the concert did remind me why I never really got into Genesis, in spite of listening to most of the progressive rock bands in my youth. Sure, some of their numbers like ‘Los Endos’ (which the tribute band concluded with) were great as were some of the slower numbers, but Phil Collins’ voice often sounded shrill and his lyrics were often obscured by all the heavy guitar and keyboard sounds. I would have preferred it if Genesis had performed songs where the lyrics were delivered during the quieter moments (although Genesis fans probably don’t agree with me). Of course, as the tribute band were an exact copy of 1980’s Genesis they sounded just like that as well. However we really enjoyed this free concert, it was nice to see my brother and sister-in-law again and the drive wasn’t too bad, we were home by midnight.

The second concert was on the 11th June when we went to the BIC in Bournemouth to see The Moody Blues, a band that I really liked in the late sixties and early seventies and saw once during that period in Leeds. After that time I increasingly found the poems on their albums to sound bit pretentious and I just played a ‘best of’ album when ever I wanted to hear their melodic harmonies backed by the sound of a Mellotron.

IMG_8721 Moody Blues

Of the now seven strong band, three members remain from the famous sixties line up: Graeme Edge (LH drums), Justin Haywood (guitar) and John Lodge (bass)

IMG_8716 Moody Blues

The band used some imaginative visual effects and projections ….

IMG_8717 Moody Blues

…. including lots of photos of them in their heyday.

IMG_8708 The Moody Blues

Justin Haywood and John Lodge. The Moody Blues recently celebrated their 51st birthday although Haywood and Lodge didn’t join until 1966. Why is it that ageing rock stars don’t go bald like the rest of us?

IMG_8696 Moody Blues

I mainly know their songs from the late sixties and early seventies and much of the first half they performed later numbers, but they ended the first set with a lovely rendition of ‘The Story In Your Eyes’. In the second part they played more oldies such as ‘Ride My See Saw’, ‘Question’ and of course ‘Nights In White Satin’.

IMG_8768 Kara prom dress

Our granddaughter Kara has just finished her GCSE exams. She came round last weekend in a state of great excitement, all dressed up for the end of school prom.

IMG_8809 Janis

Janis and I spent some time photographing her in all her finery in our garden. Fortunately the weather was good.

IMG_8786 Amber and Kara

Older sister also got in on the photoshoot.

IMG_8805 Kara prom dress

Not only was Kara off to the school prom but immediately afterwards she and a friend took a taxi to Heathrow where they boarded a plane to St Maartin in the Caribbean to visit some of Kara’s relatives. We know from Facebook that she is having a wonderful time. Not bad for a 16-year-old!


And finally returning to a bird related theme, I was amused by this photo which was sent via Twitter highlighting the shocking and totally illegal slaughter of birds of prey in the Forest of Bowland.

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A prom, a move and a great concert   Leave a comment


Without wishing to sound like the old Yorkshire men in the Monty Python sketch, ‘it wasn’t like that when I was at school’. The best we had was a sixth form disco at age 18.  Amber, now aged 16, has been excited about attending her school prom for some time now. Imagine the turmoil when Janis phoned to say that her car had broken down on the way back from work and she woldn’t be able to take Amber to the prom at Kingston Maurwood near Dorchester. Even worse she had Amber’s new shoes with her.

We quickly went into action, Margaret went off to help Amber get ready and I went to find Janis and rescue the shoes, whilst she waited for the breakdown services. After much faffing we eventually took a beautifully made up Amber her friend Matt’s house near Wareham, where she met up with her boyfriend Josh. Josh’s mother then took Amber, Josh and Matt to Kingston Maurwood. Sue’s comment ‘wow Amber you look like you are 21’ says it all.

These photos were taken in Wareham before they set off.


IMG_0029 Amber Josh Matt IMG_0028 Amber Josh IMG_0022 Amber Josh

IMG_0027 Amber

On Saturday we went over to Bournemouth for a concert, but first we called into John and Anita’s flat for one last time. They were all packed up for the move to Essex. It has been great visiting the Bournemouth flat, which overlooks the pedestrianised Old Christchurch Road, the scene of many a stag or hen party. Over the last year we have attended lots of interesting events, beach parties, concerts, firework displays etc, of course we can still go to them, Bournemouth is only a 20 minute drive away, but somehow I doubt if we will be quite so motivated.



We were on our way to the BIC to see the 40th anniversary of Rick Wakeman’s ‘Journey To The Centre Of The Earth’, a musical version of the famous Jules Verne novel. I have enjoyed keyboard virtuoso’s music since his days with progressive rock band Yes. I have to say that on the records I prefer ‘The Six Wives Of Henry VIII’ to ‘The Journey To The Centre Of The Earth’ but tonight’s concert was excellent. Any  fears that I might have had after the Martha and the Vandellas concerts that these ‘blasts from the past’ are not worth going to were completely unfounded. The rock band were supplemented by a full orchestra and choir and the concert was very well received by audience.

During the short first ‘half’ Rick Wakeman played just four numbers illustrating various stepping stones on the way to the performance of ‘Journey’, in addition he told hilarious stories about the original productions world tour in the 70’s.

In the second ‘half’ which was three times longer than the first and comprised of the full concert and a lengthy encore. Rick Wakeman appeared with his trademark golden cape and played his usual bank of keyboards.

In the first photo below he is joined by vocalist Hayley Sanderson during the first section, the rest are from the full concert culminating in a standing ovation.