Monday 20th June   1 comment

Free at last, I don’t have to go to work today!

Nigel was catching a train down to St Ives in Cornwall, as this would take three or four changes from Poole, I opted to drive him to Exeter.

There was time afterwards to visit Exminster for Cirl Buntings, but unfortunately heavy rain put aid to plans to go to Yarner Wood and / or Dawlish Warren.




Male Cirl Bunting - Exminster

Male Cirl Bunting – Exminster


Marbled White – Exminster

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  1. Hello Ian, Hope the party went well. As you know we’d just got back from Lanzarote so couldn’t make it. It’s only been a week but it seems we’ve been home much longer.
    Lanzarote was hot as always but with the cooling trade winds from the north east, which made it a bit cloudy in the mornings for the first week.
    Lots of Germans in the hotel which is usually a sign of quality Had an hilarious conversation with a German couple one evening. Neither of them had much English and I’m a bit rusty with the German. Eileen was creasing herself as she is not a linguist in any shape or form and only speaks good County Durham.
    We’d recommend the hotel, which was 4* and all-inclusive. Seriously considering going back next year.

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