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The longest day – autumn will be here soon. Like most birders I can’t wait the best season of the year to start. Many birders consider 15th of July to be the start of autumn, others are more optimistic and commence autumn some time in June!

Didn’t feel much like summer today, breezy with heavy showers.

To get some exercise for my upcoming trip, and to wear the kids out a bit, I opted for a march up Flower’s Barrow, but the range walks were closed, so we walked down to Kimmeridge Bay from the quarry and back.

The family guests from Grand Canaria found it a bit cold and had to borrow various oversized garments.

EDIT – for reasons I don’t understand I’ve been unable to get two of these photos to rotate correctly even though they appear the right orientation prior to uploading – sorry.

Note Janis is wearing ‘sheep ear muffs’

 The girls were soon on the beach and in ‘fossil heaven’

Fossil heaven

Various ammonites

During the evening Margaret’s choir were having a social event. They gave a rendition of the Alleluia Chorus, and various members sang or read poems.

Amber read one of her poems

 and Kara sang one of her own compositions.

Both girls are very creative for their age.

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