Thursday evening and Friday morning 15th / 16th September   Leave a comment

I was invited for a Curry at Wetherspoons in Poole to celebrate my former boss Andy Barber’s birthday. It was great to meet up with old colleagues and get up to date with the happenings at the hospital.

Andy Barber, Tash Barrow and Anna Pietrangelo

Foreground Carmela Pietrangelo and Tim Kellaway, background, Dave Tiller, Gio Pietrangelo and Andy Tucker.


 This morning six of us went to Durlston with the intention of working both ringing sites. It proved to windy to ring on the slopes so we all ended up in the garden. Although threatening at first, the sun soon came out and the wind subsided somewhat.

Red sky in the morning, ringers warning?

We did quite well in the end with 93 birds ringed, mainly Chiffs and Blackcaps again. The main feature was an enormous movement of Swallows, estimated by Hamish to be 16,000 per hour for the first few hours. We also saw 8 Common Buzzards heading east, a Hobby, Sparrowhawk and a Turtle Dove.

We only trapped three out of the tens of thousands that were passing.


I've included this poor photo of a Swallow mid manouver. Not only is the tail spread but the alulas are pressed forwards, acting like the slots on an aircraft wing.


The increasingly uncommon Turtle Dove

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