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With wind and rain making the conditions unsuitable for ringing I caught up with a lot of domestic chores this weekend. I also took Janis and Andy to Hurn airport. Andy is returning to their yacht Ladycat in Gran Canaria for the time being, Janis is going for a week to sort out and retrieve her possessions. I was most annoyed to find that Hurn airport now charges you to drop off passengers. Am I sounding more and more like Victor Meldrew every day?


Janis and Andy depart for Hurn airport, Amber and Kara with their friends in the background.

Andy will continue his web-based business in Gran Canaria and avoid the British winter. Photo taken in eastern Spain 2010


The girls of course, moved back in with us, which has become a logistical nightmare as they continuously commute between the two houses looking for one item or the other.

On Sunday morning Shaun and I hoped to have a go ringing Goldfinches at Lytchett Bay but the rain arrived much earlier than forecast so the early start was wasted. Later I was able to do a little ringing in the garden and was rewarded with the capture of this feisty Woodpigeon. Although they may seem highly sedentary, there is a large migration of Woodpigeons across Dorset in early November. Little is known about the origins of these birds, so ringing remains of value.


Adult Woodpigeon, Upton.


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