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Catching up on my write-up on my last trip, paperwork for my next trip and preparing for the slide show I am giving tonight has kept me in for the last couple of days.

Whilst tours to high and temperate latitudes, mountains and safaris usually give enough good pictures for a single slide show, trips to tropical area, particularly tropical forests do not. As a result I have prepared a slide show covering seven tropical destinations, four in the Old World and three in South America. As a taster I have included on my blog three shots from each destination, one of scenery and two of wildlife.

If any one is interested my talk is for the DWT at Charlton Down Village hall, Charlton Down near Dorchester at 7.30 Tuesday 11th.

if anyone is interested in my giving a talk on these or any other destinations to their group then contact me via the blog or at gryllo.poole@tinyworld.co.uk


Komodo Island and the Indonesian flag - Sep 2006


Komodo Dragon - Komodo Island


Green Junglefowl - Komodo Island


The arid Sahel region of northern Senegal - Jan 2005


Cricket Warbler - Senegal


African Finfoot - Gambia


Angkor Wat - Cambodia, Feb 2005


L-R: Painted Stork, Lesser Adjutant, Greater Adjutant and another Painted Stork.


Giant Ibis - northern Cambodia - photo by Dave Farrow


Hot, humid and dusty - Sierra Leone - Feb 2010


Egyptian Plover - Sierra Leone


The incomparable Yellow-necked Picathartes - Sierra Leone - photo by Nick Borrow.


Maranon Valley - northern Peru - Sep 2005


Tumbes Tyrant - endemic to the dry coastal area of northern Peru


The Amazonian region is full of beautiful butterflies. Northern Peru


The Santa Marta Mountains of Colombia rise straight from the sea to 5,700m - Jan 2007


Torrent Ducks - Colombia - photo by Pete Morris


Using a fairly liberal taxonomy, this was my 7000th life bird. Sapphire-bellied Hummingbird, Colombia - photo by Pete Morris


Dawn from the canopy tower, Alta Florista, Brazil Oct 2008


Tapir, Alta Florista, Brazil


Hyacynth Macaws - the Pantanal, Brazil.



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