Thursday 13th October – Durlston and Lytchett Bay   Leave a comment

An other pre-dawn start at Durlston. Ringing in the goat plots was quite productive with 67 birds ringed. Three new Firecrests and a Yellowhammer were the highlights. Chiffchaffs still predominate but Goldcrest numbers are increasing.

There was a large easterly finch movement with flocks of Goldfinch, Greenfinch and Siskin. Also a few Pied Wagtails and Meadow Pipits. Redpolls were mainly seen at first light. Hamish had 30 or so Crossbills.

A bank of fog moved in from the sea soon after dawn.


A dozen or more Long-tailed Tits were caught in the same net. Note the orbital ring can change colour depending on the bird's emotions


This beauty was in with the LT Tit flock, our 6th at Durlston this year.


DIM Wallace used to call the Firecrest 'the seven-striped sprite'


This first-year female Yellowhammer can be aged on tail shape and sexed by the pattern of the crown feathers. Like other buntings, breeding plumage is acquired through abrasion of the feather tips revealing the yellow colouration below.


A cage fungus, along the entrance road to the park.

We are roost ringing at Lytchett Bay this evening. Further information to follow.

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