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Back to ringing at Durlston, but unlike Saturday, today was cold with an increasing wind so we had to pack in by 1000 with only some 20 birds ringed. They did, however include our first Reed Bunting at the park and another Sparrowhawk.

Rain held off but the skies remained threatening.


Mindful of its talons, Kevin gingerly applies the ring to this male Sparrowhawk


A first year male Sparrowhawk..... the size with this female Sparrowhawk trapped on Saturday


The ginger fringing to the coverts confirm it is a first year...


... Saturday's female shows unmoulted worn inner secondaries, this together with the few reamaining ginger coverts show it was hatched in 2010. Again note the much larger size.



Some Goldfinches stopped briefly.....


.... but this flock of 32 Crossbills just kept going.

If you have already seen this via Out & About I apologise for cross posting.
And finally I received this photos from former Dorset birder James Lidster, who now lives in Holland. It shows four rare birds (in a Dutch as well as a British context) in the hand, all caught at the same time at a ringing site in Holland. I find it far more gripping than any recent UK bird news !

L-R: Red-flanked Bluetail, Penduline Tit, Little Bunting and Yellow-browed Warbler. Holland 2011


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