Sunday 16th October – Poole and Weymouth.   Leave a comment

The plan was simple, Margaret and I would install the wireless router at home, do a little shopping, then go for a walk in the Purbecks and end up at 4pm at in Wareham where Kara was in a swimming competition.

The trouble was that the first two tasks took all day! We were just about to leave for Wareham when the news came through of a Short-toed Eagle leaving Lyme Regis and heading east.  It would probably be impossible to get to Weymouth before the bird arrived anyway, but I had to give it a try! First I had to drop Margaret at Purbeck School, then I had to wait, for not one train, but two at Wool level crossing, so I was bit stressed when I arrived at Preston beach at 4.15. Well no-one had seen the bird for certain so the panic was over.

Preston beach gives a good view of the Dorset coast as well as north Portland.

I ended up at Radipole in the hope that the Caspian Gull that Brett had seen earlier in the day would re-appear. No luck there either, so did I suffer from a bout of double-dip depression?

It was early evening by the time I got to Radipole.


Radipole gull roost


Two Med Gulls

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