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 A cold and frosty dawn was followed by a glorious morning. It took a while for the vis mig to get going but soon flocks of Goldfinches, Redpolls and Siskins were on the move.

We had a successful morning with over 70 birds ringed, the commonest being Goldfinches.


Dawn breaks behind the astronomical observatory.


You don't need an astronomical telescope to see Jupiter and its four large moons. This is the sort of view you can get with a birding telescope at the moment. Photo from the internet.


Eventually the sun broke the horizon, its warming rays were most welcome.


Adult Goldfinches have a red rather than orange face. The red extends just behind the eye in adult males and they have darker nasal hairs and a slightly longer bill.

In the afternoon Carol Grieg, Kevin and I set up the nets in a disgustingly smelly reed bed ride at Lytchett Bay. We caught a good number of Pied Wagtails and Reed Buntings at dusk which were ringed and roosted in a nearby garage and returned to the Bay at dawn for release. Three Marsh Harreirs also roosted at Lytchett Bay.

Garage ringing. Shaun and CarolrRoost ringing Pied Wagtails and Reed Buntings.


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