Friday 21st October – Durlston   Leave a comment

Another productive morning at Durlston with a similar number and variety of species to yesterday. The scale of the Goldfinch migration is just stunning.

For anyone interested in following the vis mig, take a look at Trektellen  a site that documents the migration from all over western Europe. For Durlston specifically see

A cloudier and warmer start to the day compared to yesterday.

This pair of Bullfinches was a nice find

Redpolls have a complex taxonomy. The British breeding form is Lesser Redpoll but another four forms belonging to at least two species occasionally occur.

Redpolls can be aged on the shape and appearance of the tail feathers. Adult on the left, first winter on the right.

This pale Chiffchaff with green edging to the remiges caused lively debate. It is presumably of eastern origin, but not from as far east as the form tristis which has a wing bar and no olive colouration whatsoever.

A 'standard' Chiffchaff trapped later the same day.

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