27th December – Derby and Carsington Water   Leave a comment

During the morning we visited my old friends Martin and Tricia Gadsby. I have known Martin since I moved to Derby in 1965 at the age of 14 and Tricia since 1967,  I was best man at their wedding in 1976. Both have retired this year, so we could compare the benefits of our lives of leisure. Their son and daughter, James and Alex were home for Christmas and it was great to meet up with them as well.


James, Martin, Tricia and Alex Gadsby


The old mill on the River Derwent is close to where Martin and Tricia live. These old mills were just considered part of the industrial scenery in Derby and the Derwent Valley, but now their historical significance has been recognised as the birthplace of the industrial revolution and have been given World Heritage Status, putting them on par with the Dorset coast, Ankor Wat or the Pyramids!


Trouble at mill ?



The weir on the River Derwent


In the afternoon Simon, Viv, Margaret and I nad the four girls went for a walk around Carsington Water, a large reservoir on the edge of the Derbyshire Dales. The area is managed for nature and recreation and has an interesting visitor centre, all of which attracts hoards of people even on a cold winter day.

Whilst the girls went straight to the play area we took a short walk to the bird hide. The dry autumn has left its mark and the reservoir was lower than I have ever seen it. The feeders attracted many Tree Sparrows and a single Willow Tit and out on the water 26 Barnacle Geese (undoubtedly of feral origin) and a Great Northern Diver were seen.


The water level is usually right up to the hide and all of this mud is covered .......



..... and the sailors must be struggling to launch their yachts.



In the courtyard of the centre is a huge granite ball supported by a cushion of water. Jennifer, Amber and Kara find that it takes considerable effort rotate it or to stop it once it gains momentum.




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