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Today we set off to see my relatives in Derby. Kara and Amber came with us so they could spend time with my nieces Miriam and Jennifer.

We arrived at my brother Simon’s place in Duffield by midday and Simon and I soon went to see our mother in the nearby nursing home. Her dementia is slowly getting worse, but there was a flicker of recognition when we arrived.




Mum and Simon



During the evening we all joined Simon, his wife Vivienne and their two girls for a party at Viv’s parent’s house. Dennis and Ida are great hosts and a visit to see them is always a highlight of a trip to Derby. We were joined by Viv’s brother Graham, his wife Sally, their three grown up  daughters Vicki, Katie and Emily and their respective husband’s and Vikki’s two-year old daughter Lauren and Emily’s six month old son Arlo; four generations in all!




Ida and her grand-daughter Vicki and great-grand-daughter Lauren.



Dennis and Adrian (Katie's husband) relaxed and watched the TV.



Dennis and Ida had set up some disco lights and a karaoke machine for the kids .......



... but the glitter ball only worked when Simon shone his torch on it!



Kara sang several songs but was upstaged by two-year old Lauren's repeated rendition of 'jingle bells'



Sally with her grandson Arlo. Arlo's father Choy is a Philippino and was greatly surprised when he learned that I had not only been to the Philippines but had visited his home town as well.



Amber took her turn in looking after Arlo.









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