24th-26th August – a ‘Jynx’ lifted and a family reunion.   Leave a comment

Having dipped on a Wryneck a few days ago at Portland and again on the 24th I wondered if this was becoming a jinx bird, which in a way is quite appropriate as it’s scientific name is Jynx torquilla. News of another at Middlebere had me heading down there early on the 26th where after a short wait I had brief but reasonable views of it on the lawn of the National Trust Cottages. Has the ‘jynx’ been lifted?


Wryneck at Middlebere, photographed through a five bar gate.


Far more important news is that Margaret’s younger daughter Anita and her husband John have arrived here for an extended stay. After leaving South Africa and travelling around central Europe for a month they flew to the UK on the 24th but a problem with bus availability meant they didn’t arrive in Poole until 0200 on the 25th. They will be staying for us for a while and we will see how their plans unfold.


Re-united for the first time since our wedding in 2009 – Margaret with both her daughters, Anita and Janis.

Kara and Amber with ‘favourite uncle’ John.

On the 26th Margaret, Anita and John met me at Corfe Castle after I had twitched the Middlebere Wryneck and then we all headed to Swanage and on to Durlston for short walk and a light lunch. On the way back we stopped at Kingston to show them the panoramic view of Corfe Castle. The traffic was horrendous with grockles galore and I’m glad we were heading north, not south in the early afternoon.

Ballard Down and Old Harry from Durlston Castle. The Bournemouth skyline and the ‘Bournemouth Eye’ (balloon) can be seen in the distance.

The 10th century Globe at Durlston.

Corfe Castle from near the Scott Arms. The Hartland and Godlingston heaths and Wareham Channel can be seen in the distance.

And the final bit of family news is that my niece Miriam got her GCSC results a couple of days after her 16th birthday. Four A*s and six A’s !!!!

As I posted a recent photo of Miriam a few days ago, I though I’d dig out this one of her practicing ballet steps back in 2005.

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