August 28th – Janis is 40!   Leave a comment

On the 28th Janis celebrated her 40th birthday, although we didn’t see her until 8.30 as she took Kara to Southampton for Taekwondo training. Amber and Kara had spent much of the previous two days making and decorating the cake and Amber produced an extensive spread of ‘nibbles’. We all gathered around at her house for a surprise party, but as Kara was texting like crazy on their return from Southampton, she had an inkling something was going on, so it wasn’t that much of a surprise.


Two days in the making – Amber and Kara’s cake for Mum.


Janis tucks into Amber’s nibbles.


Margaret, Birthday Girl and Andy.


Kara and Auntie Anita


Amber experiments with a cocktail of fruit juice and a slice of pineapple








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